Our Lifestyle Design programs provide customized support to individuals who wish to become the best version of themselves through fitness. Some of these programs are carried out in a group format, while others focus on individual needs. Our Lifestyle Design programs have been powerful agents of change in many members and non-members lives. We feel incredibly honored to be part of so many transformational journeys.

City Gym Launch Program

Our Launch program is a special service offered to new and current City Gym members.  When you sign up for a launch session you will meet with our highly­trained Launch Coordinator to determine the best way to make City Gym uniquely yours. Our mission is to connect you to programs that are best suited to your needs, personalities and goals; not to sell you additional services or programs. Below are a few examples of how our Launch program can help you find your fit at City Gym.

Match classes to your personality and motivation style.Figure out what times of day are ideal for you whether you need the place to  be more quiet or filled with energy and music.
Overcome the intimidation factor with equipment, classes, or even just learning the culture of a gym.Uncover obstacles to your success and make a plan to get through them.
Find ways to meet people, connect, and create fun as well as accountability.Assess the quickest return on the energy and time you spend at the gym.
Determine if Personal Training is an option and which trainer would be a good match. 


If you are a new or current member and would like to schedule a Launch session, please speak to a Membership Representative at the front desk.