COVID-19 CLOSURE: Effective 3/17

Hailee Bland-Walsh, Owner/Founder

8AM Facebook Live Daily Classes!
Update 3/120/20

Please visit our Facebook page daily, Monday-Saturday, at 8am, for live City Gym classes led by our rockstar instructors! Additional, at-home workouts to come available on Instagram in the coming days!

IMPORTANT: Handling Membership Cancelation
Update 3/19/20

It feels like every day we face new and unique challenges as related to COVID 19. While so much seems uncertain, our commitment to you is offering as much clarity in communication as possible. 

Currently, we are only canceling memberships for those that are requesting cancelation. We know we have members who are being financially impacted by this and it is with great sadness we process those cancelations. To be transparent, as a small business, operating on slim margins, and with memberships as our only source of revenue, if we were to cancel all dues, it could greatly impact our ability to survive COVID-19. As a business practice, we do not lock our members into contracts which means we do not have the ability to pause payment to recoup costs with a prorate scenario. 

Should this closure extend to June 1st we will be suspending all membership dues. Memberships will automatically be reinstated the day we reopen. If we must suspend dues, we will communicate details about the reinstatement of membership auto pays and issues that may arise such as expired payment methods.

Please be aware that our MindBody membership software, like all of us, was not prepared for a global pandemic and they too are sorting out the details of how to handle this unforeseen circumstance. More communication about membership suspension will come as we work through this very trying time. 

If you need to move forward with your cancelation (and we understand many people may need to), please email in order to receive a COVID-19 specific cancelation form. Completion of this form is required and confirms your cancelation and will waive the enrollment fee if you decide to rejoin after our reopening. If this form is not completed, we will not receive notification of your cancelation request.  Annual memberships can and will be prorated, but please contact us directly for additional questions regarding those memberships.

Stay tuned for updates on our plans to reopen. I promise we'll have the biggest group workout you've ever seen when this all settles. Until then be safe, be well, and take care of each other. 

Stay Well,


Update: 03/16/20

Well my friends, here we are. 

Things have continued to evolve at lightning speed. Based on continued conversations with local medical and infectious disease specialists and recommendations by the CDC, effective Tuesday, March 17th we will be closing

We take our role in our community as a leader of health and wellness very seriously. Our decision to close is motivated by that grave responsibility. When we look back on this time, we'd like to feel that our quick and decisive decision making is seen as being proactive, not overreactive. 

"You won't ever know if what you did personally helped. That's the nature of public health. When the best way to saves lives is to prevent disease rather than treat it, success often looks like an overreaction."  - Mari Armstrong-Hough

I want to thank everyone who has reached out to offer words of support and reassure us that they will continue to financially support us as we

weather this difficult time. I cannot tell you how much that means to me -- truly. Your commitment means we can continue to support our amazing staff. 

We will be rolling out at-home workouts and live workout options via our social channels so look for that. Let's utilize the power of this digital age to find ways to stay connected to both ourselves and each other and also find ways to rest, recalibrate, and remember what things are most important in life.