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Dionna's REAL Story

Dionna O., Member, REAL 45 Alumni

I was overweight, tired all the time, and just generally unhealthy. I had been battling my weight since my late 20’s and had tried Weight Watchers in the past. I did have success on WW plus working out at home, but it was too time consuming after a while to count all those points. Plus, the workout I was doing cost me hours each week. My husband was traveling a lot during this period of time, so I really didn’t have to worry about feeding anyone besides myself. Once he stopped traveling for work, it became a daily chore to try and plan meals that fit my WW plan and keep us both happy.

As we both got busier at work, dinner plans became a nightly phone call to see who was stopping on their way home to pick up fast food. As we both gained weight, my husband’s blood pressure rose to a level that required medication and my cholesterol went out of control. Facing a milestone birthday and wanting to get healthy, my husband started researching lifestyle changes including the best diet and exercise plans. After running across the Real program at City Gym, we discussed it and even had conversations with Hailee about some challenges we would face in the program. We made the leap into the Real program in September 2015.

I was always intimidated by “the gym” and worried I would not fit the mold of other members. I had never been a member of a gym and was worried about being judged by the stereotypical gym members depicted in chain gym’s commercials (you know, the one with the “lunk alarms”). The time spent with the trainers and other members of the Real program bolstered my confidence and taught me that I can have fun at the gym and working out. I also learned you don’t have to work out for hours on end to obtain stunning results. At the end of the program, I was eager to join City Gym and I am still going strong a year and a half later! There are no “typical” members at City Gym or in the Real program. Everyone wants you to succeed! 

In the past year and a half, I have dropped over 60 pounds and nearly 6 dress sizes. More important than those numbers, my doctor is no longer threatening me with cholesterol medication, I sleep better and just generally feel better than I have in a very long time! Other than marrying my husband, this is one of the best decisions I have made in my life! I am so grateful to have found the Real program and to have made the lifestyle changes to get healthy and feel good again!



Dionna before and approx. 6 months after


Dionna and Mike at our Picnic last month