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Embrace 2016

Hailee Bland-Walsh

There is a reason that culturally we have a tradition of making resolutions at the first of the year. The promise of a fresh start feels compelling and motivating. Humans are drawn to beginnings--new jobs, relationships, or gym memberships. All are packed with potential and promise.

And then, just like that, the year moves along and our motivation wanes. The perfect person we are seeing shows us the "other side." The amazing new boss turns out to be worse than the terrible, old boss. The affordable gym membership becomes too expensive. We become disillusioned and our momentum slows until we screech to a halt.

That is when "the excuses" start making their case for authority in our mind. All of the reasons "why not," begin to cloud our ability to see the former shiny potential. We attribute the powerful rationalizations to real, immovable, external forces. It becomes someone else's fault that we don't have the time, the money, the plan or the endurance.

I want you to pause for a minute and imagine that place. The place where potential intersects with reality. What does it feel like? What does it sound like? Who in your life lives in this place? Now back up, go to the part where you write down that list of resolutions and solve for that potential pitfall. This is where you build a framework for your goals. To be successful, you must start by crafting a blueprint.

At City Gym we believe in your greatest potential. We want nothing more for you than to have everything you've always wanted, included being connected to the healthiest version of yourself. But. . . like a simple new year's resolution, that's not enough.

That is why we have carefully constructed tools designed to empower you to build the body and the beliefs you have always wanted. Change is hard. Behavior change is nearly impossible without the support, education and accountability we can provide you.

Take a minute to investigate those programs we have created with your success in mind. There is power in the process.

Launch (30-45 Minute Free Session with our highly trained Launch Coordinator)

The Real Program (45 Day Group Program)

Personal Training (We have the best personal trainers in Kansas City)

Group Exercise ( We offer over 40 classes a week. Each class accomodates ALL fitness levels)

As we move into the new year, take a minute to embrace your greatest potential. Set goals in and out of the gym. Let us help you change your body and your beliefs. Allow us to be your framework for success. No one needs to do this alone, milestones are only half as fun without someone to high five you along the way. We are your coaches and your cheerleaders. We are your guru and your guides. Most importantly, we are here for you. Because we, are City Gym.