Important COVID-19 Message

Hailee Bland-Walsh, Owner/Founder

Dear City Gym Family - 

I moved back to Kansas City 10 years ago with one thing in mind -- our community. I knew I wanted to create a community that took care of each other during difficult times. Over the course of the last 9 years, we've done that time and time again. Each and every time we've come out better and stronger. We have weathered some pretty tough stuff, but I think our greatest test lies ahead.

This is an uncertain and ever-changing time. I've spent hours working closely with local and state officials along with medical and infectious disease specialists to operate with the most up-to-date information as we make decisions about closures, etc. 

Today I arranged a call with local, fitness/wellness businesses and infectious disease folks. Per these conversations and information shared we have decided to cancel group fitness classes, end all guest passes, 7 day passes, new memberships, City Shape passes, and ClassPasses effectively Monday, March 16th. 

We cannot say how long this pause will be in effect because at this point we have no scientific data by which to make a decision. As soon as we are able, classes and passes will resume. In the meantime, we are thinking of creative ways we can still provide you with workouts to do solo or at home. Be on the lookout for those! 

It was communicated that the seriousness of this virus cannot be underestimated. Community spaces where people are sweating, spitting, and breathing heavily are MOST AT RISK of becoming a cluster outbreak scenario.

Personally, I cannot imagine being a location where this happens -- I'd never forgive myself. More so, if the unimaginable would happen, we wouldn't be talking a temporary pause of group fitness classes or closure of our facility (not happening yet!) We'd be dealing with permanent closure.  

We are not yet limiting gym hours, but we will be enforcing the rule that no more than 250 people be allowed in at one time. If you do come to the gym we encourage members to practice good "social distancing" by leaving 6' of space between you and others. Personal trainers are still welcome to see clients. Please know that this could change -- quickly. Should it, we will communicate it with as soon as we know. 

We are committed to the people who work for us and we hope to be able to continue to pay staff through this trying time. We realize some of our members will have to make tough financial decisions and prioritize their spending, but if everyone rushes to cancel or freeze their membership I'm deeply concerned at our ability to weather this storm. It is my sincere hope that enthusiastic members like you will continue to support us as we navigate this uncertain time.

Please know that our entire leadership team is working tirelessly to ensure we are both serving our community and playing our role in limiting the spread of the virus. We take this responsibility incredibly seriously and are working hard to be as responsive as we can be. The health and safety of our community is of the utmost importance. Our goal is to take whatever steps necessary to ensure that City Gym is thriving after this trying time passes. 

We can do this, together!

Hailee (City Gym Owner/Founder)