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A Love Letter to Our People

Hailee Bland-Walsh, City Gym Owner


I've said it to you before, but it's worth saying again. City Gym loves you. You mean so much to us. Your incredible uniqueness makes us better. We simply wouldn't be who we are, without you. 

When you feel on the outside, we are here to provide a place to belong. When you feel weak, we are here to help you remember you are strong. When you feel intimidated or afraid, we strive to welcome you, to coach, and support you. Why? Because you are the reason we are here. 

One of my biggest pet peeves about the fitness industry is how often it pretends to be the "cool kids club." At its worst, the industry is like those kids in high school who thought they were so important and special, only to find out in the real world, they weren't. I didn't have time for cool kids then, so I really don't have time for them now. In fact, I have a visceral reaction to pretense. (Yuck.) Fitness instructors, personal trainers, and gym owners who strut around like their personal wellness practice has elevated them above the sea of wellness seekers are only fooling themselves. (Don't let them fool you too.)  

A lot of fitness places prey on people's insecurities by advertising perfection--claiming you are only a perfect body away from everything you could ever want. Let me provide a new narrative, at City Gym, we think you are already perfect. 

We aren't here to shame you. We are here to remind you, to believe in you, to see you. We are also here to challenge you to practice. Because at the end of the day, lifting weights, sweating in the dark on a indoor cycle bike, stretching in a yoga class, or dancing around in zumba class are simply a practice in connecting to yourself; when you are a novice and you make mistakes, when it gets challenging,


when you aren't in control, when the force against feels harder than the will inside you. And despite the famous quote, practice is not about perfection, rather, it's about diligence to the practice. It's about finding joy in the practice not striving for perfection. When things get hard and you can choose to either stop or keep going, what do you decide? How do you show up? It's a choice that becomes easier my friends, through practice.  

Right now I'm reading a book called, "The Art of Power" by Thich Nhat Hahn and in it he beautifully articluates this idea of practice and the important of diligence. He says, "True diligence can bring a lot of joy, a lot of happiness to you and your loved ones. People with the energy of diligence are extraordinarily powerful. They can transform themselves; they can help transform the community, the environment, and the world."

At City Gym, we aren't the cool kids club blinded by pretense who will shame you. We are spiritual fitness gangsters who wield the practice of movement as our super hero talent with the express purpose of connecting the world to itself, one body at a time. For when that happens, the world changes. The world realizes its loved, that its already great, that its its about showing up when things get hard or uncomfortable. 

Diversity and inclusion are woven into the fabric of our community. We believe in you and we love you. So come as you are. Prepare for connection and transformation. Go then out into the world stronger and more prepared for the practice of life.