Meet CG Member, Mary!

Laura Mogenson, Fitness & Wellness Manager

Who is that girl?  The girl who smiles in class, greets and chats with everyone whom she sees, and simply makes people feel good when she is around????  That girl is Mary W., one of our favorite members at City Gym. 

Mary was born 24 years ago in Liberty, MO, and makes her home in Brookside.  Mary is a recent graduate of the THRIVE Program at the University of Central Missouri and is currently enrolled in Penn Valley Community College studying Early Childcare.  The THRIVE Program was created for individuals between 18-25 who have a developmental or intellectual disability, possess independence and stability, demonstrate a motivation for continuing education, and are able to participate in an independent living environment.  

Working out is one of Mary's passions, and you will often see her in SPIN and Zumba Classes as well as walking on the treadmill and lifting weights.  She enjoys music and has been known to get off her SPIN bike and break into dance, if one of her favorite Zumba songs comes on during class.  It must also be noted that Mary has been seen doing pirouettes out the door as she leaves the gym!

When Mary is not working out, she spends time at St. Peter’s Catholic Church as a volunteer assistant as well as works at the YMCA Children's Center Campus.  She loves working with children and helping them learn how to play with each other.

Mary also loves to watch the Disney Channel and travel!  Her sister lives in London and works in Africa, and Mary was able to travel abroad last year to visit her.  She also enjoys having conversations on FaceTime when she has a spare moment.  

If you have a chance to take a class or workout with Mary, please make sure to say "hi" and introduce yourself.  Your day will be brighter because of it!

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