Meet Dylan, CGKC Member!

Community Spotlight

Where are you from?

I was born and lived in Overland Park, KS until I was 24. I have lived in Downtown KC ever since.

If you work, what do you do for a living and what do you enjoy about it (you do not need to list place of work unless you wish to)? If you are in school tell us where and what major!

I currently work two jobs. I work full time at TripMate where I am a travel sales agent. I enjoy working with sales because I am a pretty competitive person. I also work part-time at CVS as a Supervisor. I enjoy working as a Supervisor because I have great leadership skills, and I love retail because I am a people person and enjoy talking to customers.

How long have you been a member of CGKC and which location?

I have been a member since it opened at my apartment, Pickwick Plaza in July 2017.

What made you decide to become a member of CGKC?

It is a great perk to have it inside Pickwick. I don’t have to drive. There is no excuse on why I can’t workout on my free time. 

A lot of my fellow residents foolishly don’t take advantage of this perk here. It was one of the things I was looking forward to most when I signed my lease. 

What is your favorite thing about CGKC?

I enjoy when they have events. It is a great way to see regular members and meet the other members from Waldo.

Tell us about your fitness journey!

When I joined City Gym, it was my first gym membership in 6 years. Growing up, I was always self-conscious about my physique. I was always scrawny and suffered from asthma since birth. I always ate whatever and as much as I wanted without gaining an ounce. When I graduated college in 2014, I only weighed 145 lbs soaking wet. A few months later, I ballooned up to 185 lbs. My asthma worsened and I developed high cholesterol.

Tell us about your fitness journey (cont.)!

I had every motivation to join a gym. Since I have joined City Gym, I have lost almost 30 lbs and I rarely use my inhaler now. I can finally run on the treadmill. I focus on lifting weights to gain muscle. My goal is to one day look like a Greek God. I go to the gym about five days a week. The only time I don’t go is when I have to work. ​

If you take classes, what is your favorite class and why?

When City Gym had its grand opening at Pickwick, I did a week free trial. I haven’t signed up for any classes since. The one class I enjoyed the most was the Pilates with Sarah. I would like to participate in one of Hailee’s Cycling classes. It looks really tough but now I feel in good enough shape to try it.

What do you do in your free time?

It’s always great to try new restaurants.I love watching UFC events whenever there is a fight on. I am a Patriots fan, love Tom Brady. I try to be active with my charity, March of Dimes. It is my favorite charity since I myself am a NICU graduate. I was born six weeks premature. I also try to participate in local community 5K runs.

What do you love about living in KC?

It’s all I know since I have never lived anywhere else. I love all the BBQ restaurants since it is my favorite food. I don’t mind going to PNL some nights since I live close. There are some nice tourists attractions like the Sprint Center, Casinos and the Plaza and Legends. 

Anything else you would like to include (fun or interesting facts, anything we left out)?

I would like to try the Waldo location. It seems to be more popular. Maybe after my lease is over at Pickwick, I can make the Waldo gym my primary location.