Meet Joe, CGKC Membership Rep!

Community Spotlight

Where are you from?

I was born in a Kansas City hospital almost 27 years ago. I grew up in the suburb of Independence, MO. I have lived in the Kansas City, MO limits for almost 5 years now and couldn't call anywhere else home!

What was your education and/or occupation prior to/in addition to City Gym?

Long story....long, I went to Bethel College and Ottawa University and studied exercise science. While attending these establishments I was on both soccer and forensics (competitive acting/drama) scholarships. After college, I decided to play in the Professional Development League within the U.S. soccer system. I traveled all over the U.S. playing and training with the program. Once I felt I had stalled in my progress, I decided to move back to KC and took a job working third-party for Cerner, which again, put me at 100 percent travel as a consultant. Don't get me wrong, I love traveling, but this was nothing like playing a game and traveling (ha). After two years, I decided to move on from that and at the time I lived in Waldo and Thus my story continues!

Tell us about your family! 

Oh gosh! Hold on to your hats people. Initially when someone asks me about my family, the best way to describe to them is by imagery. On my Mothers side, we have 63 Christmas stockings. No Joke. I am the oldest of I believe 27 great-grandchildren. As a whole, my family probably consists of over 110 people combining my Dad's family. So we are talking about loud, rambunctious, incredible family events that seem like college dorm parties.  The great thing is that almost everyone lives in the KC or Greater KC area. 

What is your role at City Gym?

My official title is " Lead Membership Representative." Unofficial handyman and charming word-smith. I provide various support for employee staff at the downtown location, specifically, as well as assisting with any management needs that are not of an elevated nature. I'm usually the early bird chirping away as you show up at 5 a.m.!

What made you want to work at City Gym? What do you enjoy most about the City Gym community?

These two questions actually came to me separately. I joined them together because what captivated my attention was how community-driven City Gym was. Typically when I have experienced the gym atmosphere everyone is in their own world or with their immediate friends. The City Gym staff goes above and beyond to make anyone and everyone feel this overwhelming sense of belonging. The only other place I can compare the level of welcoming, friendly, energetic, acceptance with passion and an overwhelming satisfaction is Cheers. Which is somewhat of a fictional place (lol).

What do you do in your free time/What do you enjoy? 

My free time consists of a variety of activities. First and foremost I just rescued a 4-year-old Pit Terrier mix named Benny who is the best thing that's happened ever! He takes up a large chunk of my time and I enjoy every second of it. Other interests of mine include playing/making music. I have been in multiple bands that have played around town and traveled to music festivals such as SXSW. I play a little bit of everything but mostly an axe and bellow guy. I watch sports constantly being a former athlete. I'm obsessed with the NFL and Premier League Soccer. March Madness also consumes my life for a month. I still play soccer all the time in either indoor leagues around town or even outdoor leagues in the summer out at Scheel's in Overland Park. Last thing or this could go on forever, I am an avid snowboarder as of four years ago. My first time learning to board was on the Winter Park bunny slopes in the Rockies. I was decently comfortable having been a skateboarder growing up. By day three of my first trip, my friends took me up to the back side of the bowl and down all the black diamonds. I was keeping up and riding like a champ. Since then, I go at least once or twice a year hoping to not break my body on a crazy trick attempt.

What is your favorite thing about KC / favorite things to do in the city?

I love Kansas City personally because it meets all my needs/interests and offers opportunities to showcase my musical talent. Music is unbelievably diverse and the local artists are incredible. Plus, being a microcosm of jazz you can imagine that scene is quite lively! Acting and theatre wise there are plenty of establishments that have stand up comedy and theatre plays in which you can attend. As of this month, we are having the US national soccer facility built right here in our backyard, which will bring in so many talented athletes and bring an even more hyped up element to soccer in this city dedicated to Sporting KC. Honestly, I feel as if I've been put in the very spot that I am supposed to belong. Whether I want a divey and dingy punk rock show, an elegant symphony composure and the Kaufmann Center, a jazz-filled night with splendid old fashions at the Green Lady Lounge, a stand up comedy tour coming through at the Midland or the Uptown Theater, an amazing tailgate and electric heart-filled crowd at Arrowhead with the Chiefs or to experience the rowdy chanters of the cauldron at a Sporting game. It's all right here at my fingertips and I couldn't be more grateful.