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Meet Kristin, Lead Membership Staff!

Tiffany Walsh, Marketing Manager

When Kristin came to us at City Gym we knew we had a wonderful employee -- within months she was promoted to Lead Staff person. In her short time with us she has already helped us improve our processes and customer service at the membership desk. If you have met her, you probably already know she is intelligent, responsive, kind and hard-working, but you may not know just have FUNNY she is! This month, I interviewed Kristin for our Community Spotlight. We want you to know her as well as we do!

Where are you from?

I am from the third largest Portland (It's in Indiana.) I grew up in Michigan which made me conveniently impervious to cold weather. I have even broken a hole in the ice on a lake to swim.  

What was your education and/or occupation prior to City Gym?

I have a BA in Anthropology from Indiana University.  Prior to working at City Gym, I'd done a little bit of everything from working in an insurance agency to working on a ski slope. One of those jobs was more fun than the other.  

Tell us about your family! 

I have three kids who I'm always surprised to realize are adults. There is also a hedgehog named Pokey LaFarge and two fish with way more personality than most.  

What made you want to work at City Gym?

Let me just say that I had no idea what a gym could be.  I was not the athletic one in the family and I tried to avoid sporting activities whenever possible. The only gym I'd used was a drab military one. I really just thought that some people were not made for an active gym life. I was so wrong! City Gym feels so inclusive and welcoming.  It just has good energy that continues to reverberate throughout my day. Best of all, I'm thrilled to work somewhere that has a cultural ambassador (Check out Caesar on the About Page under Staff). That just speaks loudly about our inclusiveness.  

What do you enjoy most about the City Gym community?

What's not to love about City Gym?  The members keep me smiling and I love being part of this dynamic community. I work with a diverse group of interesting people, too. One of the things I hear over and over from them is that their life stories involve some sort of transformation. Seems like we all "found" City Gym.  

What do you do in your free time/What do you enjoy? 

I'm a outsider artist (I have no formal art training, but enjoy creating)! I'm often painting, writing, or simply chasing my muse.   

If you had to recommend one thing to do in Kansas City, what would it be?

Seriously... I've got nothing. I don't know my way around Kansas City very well and my experience is extremely limited. However, the sunrise as viewed from City Gym never lets me down.  It's a must see!

Tell me something random/fun about yourself.

I have been asked if I could be anything, what would i be. A rock star? A super hero? Nope. I would love to be the super hero's sidekick or that rock star's roadie. That probably explains who I am better than anything else I could say. I love helping people from the sidelines and getting things rolling from behind the scenes. 

I enjoy the high intensity training I do at City Gym... which is something I would have never imagined saying. I've also become a big fan of the Restorative Yoga class. The chilled eye pillows won me over quickly.  *Kristin completed our REAL 45 Day Lifestyle Program and ROCKED it.

I have lived in many places and I can make a home quickly out of any four walls and a roof.  

I was a camp counselor for many years and have random camp songs that play on repeat inside my head. I have learned to work around that... most of the time.