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Meet Laura Mogenson!

City Gym KC

Laura Mogenson is our Fitness and Wellness Manager. Laura oversees the day-to-day operations of City Gym’s Group Exercise and Personal Training departments. She teaches SPINNING® and Zumba®, and if drinking coffee were a class, she would teach that too. She was homegrown in Des Moines, Iowa and attended Iowa State University.

Laura began teaching group fitness by accident. During a class she was attending, the instructor became ill. The woman motioned to Laura to go to the front of the class and then she ran out of the room. Laura led the rest of the class, and since that day, she has been hooked on group exercise. That was 30 years ago.

Since that day, Laura has taught every type of fitness class at over 20 different Kansas City gyms. She also managed three group exercise programs prior to joining the City Gym team.

When Laura isn’t at the gym, she spends time with her family, travels, reads celebrity gossip and is a connoisseur of nutrition bars.

Say hello to Laura next time you see her!