Meet Megan!

Megan W., CGKC Member

Where are you from?
I’ll say Chicago unless you are actually from Chicago, to which I will then answer your follow up question with “St. Charles. It’s about 45 miles west of the city.” Also, fun fact, it’s where Donnie Wahlberg and Jenny McCarthy chose to live after their wedding in 2014. After graduating from Mizzou, I packed up a U-Haul and spent the next eight years trying to get my star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in Los Angeles.

If you work, what do you do for a living and what do you enjoy about it?
I am a writer and creative for advertising, film and television. I create everything from video/commercial scripts and website copy for businesses and non-profits to marketing materials, resumes, social media content and blog posts. With a heart for positivity, my favorite projects allow me to tell stories of places with purpose and people doing good, and serve as a voice for those without one. I’ve been lucky enough to meet some truly incredible people from A-list celebrities and professional athletes to inner city youth and small business owners. If my headline causes you to laugh, or my commercial inspires you to have more compassion, there is no greater joy for me. Except maybe a good plate of nachos. Nachos make me pretty happy.

How long have you been a member of CGKC?
Well … I teeeeechnically started paying the monthly fee in 2013ish. But Hailee Bland-Walsh made me feel like a member long before that. My running group (RUNch: We run. We brunch. TM.) has been running from City Gym every Tuesday morning, and many Saturdays, at 6AM since the Waldo location opened. She has always been incredibly welcoming to us. And she lets us use the potty and drink the water. 

What made you decide to become a member of CGKC?
Mainly because I felt guilty for all of the free water and bathroom borrowing (see above answer for reference). But also because it just feels like home. Going to the gym is an intentional choice in how I spend my time. I choose to spend that time in a place filled with people that know my name, encourage me to be my best, and hold me accountable when I don’t show up. I can’t say that about any other gym I’ve known. It also doesn’t hurt that like four of my best friends are City Gym trainers (Cheryl, Amber, Jenny, Chase – take their classes, they are da best).  

What is your favorite thing about CGKC?
Caesar Blevins. Every time I walk in, he greets me by name with a smile and a word of encouragement. And he takes care in making sure us ladies return safely for our early morning runs or to/from our cars in the parking lot. Plus, he has an INSANE flower garden that I personally aspire to have when I grow up. 

If you take classes, what is your favorite class and why?
I heart group fitness. I cannot choose one – I mean it, I even blogged about it ▶︎ 5 Reasons to Love Group Fitness! I love Jenny’s TRX and Power Pilates because she is so good at making me laugh whilst torturing me. Cheryl’s Strength 360 is a BIG workout from a tiny package – and she creates an environment of teamwork and support. But I think my #1 is Saturday morning spin because there are zero burpees involved. All of the City Gym spin instructors are so talented, and each one brings a unique style and teaching approach that challenges and motivates me in ways I can’t do on my own.

What do you do in your free time?
Go get a snack then come back and read this. Ready? Okay here we go: I am a CASA volunteer for four incredible kiddos; I am currently getting licensed to be an emergency foster care home; I serve on the outreach team at Christ Community Church Brookside; my parents live on Lake Winnebago in Lee’s Summit, so obviously I’m a boat captain; I play in both indoor and sand volleyball leagues; I catch any live music I can get my ears on; I am a triathlete; I paint; I am writing a book; I grew 36 different fruits and veggies this summer; I love Cardinals/Royals/Dodgers baseball basically in that order; I sometimes blog at; I hold the title of World’s Greatest Aunt Meg.

What do you love about living in KC?
I get asked that a lot, mainly from the friends I left on the beaches of LA. But after living in two of the largest markets in the country I’ll say this: Kansas City has a big-city lifestyle without the big-city bullsh*t. We have great music, food, art, architecture, entrepreneurship, technology, and cultural diversity without the pretension, traffic, high cost of living, traffic, smog, cutthroat competition, and traffic. Sure, we are landlocked – and that’s tough for a girl who used to swim in the ocean every weekend. But if you are creative, you can discover some pretty great ways to spend your time.  

What else do you have for us!?
Since it’s February, we obviously need to talk about love! I have done extensive research (ahem ... asked seven people ...) and the consensus is that both ladies AND men would rather be asked out by someone they see regularly at the gym than at a bar. Here’s why: You already know they are motivated, disciplined, healthy, employed because gyms cost the monies, and they are brave. When you meet someone at a bar you know that they … have a face, wear clothes, and spend time in bars. I am not advocating that City Gym become your new dating pool – don’t be a creeper. I’m just saying that if the feeling is right, shoot your shot. Go get your Valentine, lovers! 

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