Meet Reid, Membership Experience Coordinator

City Gym KC

Where are you from?

I was born and raised in Warrensburg, Missouri. I spent some time in Knob Noster and Pleasant Hill before finally settling down for high school in Festus, about 30 minutes south of St. Louis. I ended up going back to Warrensburg for college to play football. Go Mules!

I spent a very brief time after college in Springfield, Missouri working at a news station. I have lived in Prairie Village for the last two years. I never thought in a million years I would be a Kansan… but it’s great so far! Except for the whole paying taxes in two states...

What was your education and/or occupation prior to/in addition to City Gym?

I have a degree in Digital Media Production with an emphasis in News from the University of Central Missouri. Not much job experience other than City Gym aside from odd jobs growing up. The worst job I’ve had has to be my first one ever at a fast food place. My weirdest job was definitely being a Monster Energy Ambassador in college. No idea how that “job” fell in my lap but ever since I’ve been addicted to those drinks.

What is your role/title at City Gym?

I have recently been promoted to City Gym's Membership Experience Coordinator. I oversee what happens at the front desk. I split time between the front desk and upstairs in the office so that’s why you may not see me as much! I try my best to make sure everyone who works the front desk is prepared and provides you with a great experience!

What do you enjoy most about the City Gym community?

The City Gym community, specifically Waldo, is so unlike any other gym community. Being a neighborhood gym, we are able to add a personal touch to everything we do. I think being able to treat everyone like family is something people appreciate.

What do you do in your free time/What do you enjoy? Give me all the good stuff!

I am a big sports guy. I am a fantasy football commissioner in the fall, a fantasy NBA commissioner during the winter, and an avid golfer any time it’s nice enough to be outside. If you’re lucky I will show you my weekly “Commissioner’s Address” videos I make for my fantasy football league. I keep myself pretty busy with all this stuff.

What is your favorite thing about KC / favorite things to do in the city?

My favorite thing about Kansas City is the people. Everybody is accepting here. I don’t go into the city too often. Mainly just to go to our downtown location! Maybe if Kansas City would get a downtown ballpark I would actually go watch the Royals play! Only if they are playing the Cardinals though!

Provide any additional information about yourself here that you think the community will find interesting!

I can lick my elbow. I’ve already gotten out of 2 jury duties and I’m only 24. I am right handed but swing a bat left-handed.  I had perfect attendance K-12. (Dead serious, my mom has all the certificates to prove this. No sick days or anything!). I placed 4th in my 2nd-grade spelling bee. The word that knocked me out was “column”. That silent ‘n’ got me on both attempts. I really like cats.