Meet the Staff

Featuring Alexis

Alexis is a Membership Experience Representative here at City Gym. We all love seeing her smiling face when we walk through the front door and her joy is infectious. 

“I love the community here. I always have as a member. Now as a staff member, I get to learn so much more about fitness and how an inclusive community really motivates me to continue to want to come to the gym to work out and work. I feel like I have made lifelong friends by working here.

“You will catch me at the front desk every three weeks with a fresh nail set and watching natural hair tutorials. I could literally talk about those two topics ALL DAY!!”

When she’s not behind the desk, Alexis enjoys a spin class and working out with her trainer, Elisha.

“My absolute favorite [piece of gym equipment] is a spin bike - the instructors are great"

I actually enjoy doing RDLs with a band and kettlebell too! (thanks Elisha!)”

So nice to learn about you, Alexis! We’re happy you’re here at City Gym.

Follow Alexis on IG: @rizing.p3arl