Member Spotlight

Featuring Tricia

Tricia has been a City Gym member since 2015. She calls herself a professional volunteer as she volunteers for both Jackson County CASA and Wayside Waifs.She has been a CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocate) volunteer, advocating for children who have experienced abuse or neglect, since 2004. Her work includes visiting the child(ren) once a month, being present for meetings and hearings as much as possible, and staying in touch with therapists, foster parents, biological family, caseworkers, teachers, etc. “I am there to make sure that the placement and services provided to the kid(s) are keeping them safe, helping them thrive and meeting their basic needs.

“When I went to an informational breakfast in 2004, I knew nothing of the foster care system. It broke my heart to hear that some kids are given trash bags in which to put all their things as they need to leave their home. Since then, I've witnessed that scene too many times.

“I was raised to appreciate what I had and to try to do for those who don't have what I do- not just with the gift of money but with the gift of commitment- not just of time but of emotions and passion as well. I've had many happy moments and too many sad moments doing CASA work, but I've met many good people and many great kids whose paths would never have crossed mine, had I not chosen to get involved this way.”

Tricia has lots of interests outside of volunteering. She likes running, playing the piano, fitness, travel, baking, cooking, and dancing Argentine Tango.

“Last year, when the gym closed and in-person racing was canceled (Boo!), I joined a virtual running event in April wherein we got points for racking up miles... and extra points for doing so with a unicorn (I went with temporary tattoos) and a tutu! Boy, those days I ran wearing a tutu were adventures in themselves! And I actually racked up the most points, making it to the top of the leaderboard... yay! I got a cool tank...and someone at the gym recognized me as the "winner" of the virtual dash... score!”

Nice to meet you Tricia and thanks for all you do!

Follow Tricia on IG: @crowdertricia