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Mike's REAL Story

Mike O. | Member, REAL 45 Alumni

Having turned 50, and not being in a gym in over 30 years, apparently I was saved from the disappointment of other gyms. What I HAD done was live a life that let me become 100lbs overweight, with high blood pressure. I wanted to do 'something' to change that and kept telling myself to find someone to uncomplicate the nutrition information to eat properly, and find a trainer to get a good workout designed for me.

A story popped up on Facebook about Hailee, her gym and a program called the 'Real 30' [ Now REAL 45 because particpants wanted a longer program]. It sounded too good to be true, learning nutrition AND a workout routine (yes, I'm a bit of skeptic). But after a 20 minute phone call with Hailee about how it works, what it involves, and what she and her trainers promise to teach and guide us through, I was convinced it 'might' work for me. 'I' (and subsequently my wife with me) would have to be the ones to make it work. And Hailee was so confident in their program, she promised us a refund if we weren't happy at the end.

At the completion of the 30 day program, I had done two group H.I.I.T classes, and one 30-minute lifting session with a my trainer per week. We had learned the Paleo eating lifestyle and followed it completely. I lost 24lbs, and my blood pressure was down 12 points. Five months later, I was down 45 lbs. Today, I have lost a total of 65lbs and five sizes.

I work out with my personal trainer twice a week, and do a H.I.I.T class. When a 50 year, over weight guy can walk in to a group class with a bunch of people probably half his age who have stayed in shape, and no one feels uncomfortable... That's the atmosphere that Hailee and her team have brought to this gym.

When I can work with a trainer who makes me feel comfortable enough to share the fact that I'm scared I'll injure myself because it's been so long, and she explains the fundamentals, helps me understand how proper form rather than trying to use brute strength will help me build muscle faster, that's what keeps me coming back three times per week.

When our original Real 30 group can't make it to one of the regularly scheduled classes, they choose a night during the week when they can get together and do their own workout class. That's the 'community' spirit I don't think you'll find elsewhere.

You can get a free 'week' pass to City Gym. I highly recommend you try it. If you're 'new' like I was, and don't know exactly how to get started, call the Launch Coordinator. As my wife said, it's not a 'sales tour', it helped her understand everything they offer, and what would work for her (having now lost 60 lbs and almost six sizes herself!)

Just don't do it if you're under contract somewhere else, because you'll regret you ever signed it... :)

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Pictured: Mike Before and After at 1 year; Dionna Before and After at 5 months