New Classes: City Grind & City Strike

Coming this Month!

City Grind

8:00am | Sundays | Waldo

This is a periodized, interval-based, cardio class designed to scientifically improve cardiovascular capacity and metabolic function. The class formats; endurance, speed, and threshold are designed to target the three key capacities to benefit both athletic performance and metabolic efficiency.

Speed- Speed work torches your metabolism and improves your overall performance through short bursts of maximum intensity efforts. 

Endurance- Stimulates metabolic function with longer, less intense efforts resulting in a large caloric expenditure and overall increase in total capacity.

Threshold- Threshold training trains muscles to sustain increased workloads and stress while avoiding tapping into anaerobic capacity resulting in higher work rates and dramatically improved efficiency.

This class will utilize a variety of cardio equipment and body weight activities, including but not limited to, treadmill, sleds, rowers, total trainers, boxes, and body weight calisthenics to enhance athletic output and attain maximum results. 

If you avoid cardio exercise because it's boring, this class is for you! If you skip cardio because you can't keep yourself accountable, this class is for you! If you are an athlete who needs expert instruction to break through performance plateaus, this is for you! 

City Grind will only be available at Waldo during its initial roll out.

City Strike

Saturdays | 10:15am  | Waldo
Mondays | 5:30pm | Downtown

Must bring your own hand wraps or purchase at the front desk for $10

This is a high-intensity, interval-based, full body workout. Each class utilizes muay thai heavy bags and a variety of martial art techniques (striking and kicking) in combination with strength training and cardio equipment for the ultimate heart pumping, sweat dripping, calorie-blasting workout. This class has been carefully crafted to tone your body and torch your metabolism. 

This class is taught by professional coaches and fighters so there is an emphasis on technique and intensity. Not only will you leave fitter and stronger, but you will receive world-class coaching and leave with better technique as well.  

No martial art or boxing experience required. Beginner gloves provided. Hand wraps are required and can be affordably purchased at the front desk. If you've been stuck in a rut and needing something to take your brain and your body to the next level, this is the class for you! 

City Strike will be available at Waldo and Downtown.