Winter Gym Reminders

City Gym Management

Inclement Weather Policy
With the inevitability of inclement weather, please note that NOTHING is more important than the health and safety of our City Gym members and staff. If we feel that weather conditions deteriorate to a point that it is no longer safe to be on the roads, it is possible that we may cancel classes, delay the opening of the gym, close early or close for the whole day. If you are wondering if we are open, it's a good rule of thumb to check the following outlets before driving to the gym: the "About" section of our website and our social media channels. Our Mindbody system does not allow for direct emailing, so we will not send an email in the event of a closure or delay - please check the aforementioned outlets for this information. We understand that it can be frustrating if the gym is closed during inclement weather, but please consider our employees who drive in the very early and late hours for their shifts/classes at City Gym. 

Please be aware that City Gym only leases the portion of the lot directly behind our Waldo facility. We only plow the leased area of the lot. The remainder of the lot is the responsibility of Keystone United Methodist Church. 

Snow and Ice Melt Damages Gym Flooring
During inclement weather, we encourage you to bring a second pair of shoes for the gym. If you cannot bring a second pair of shoes, please remember to wipe water from your shoes prior to entering the gym, cycle studio or group exercise classroom. Wet shoes and salt not only cause the floors to be unsafe, but these substances also damage our specialty flooring. Instructors will usually place a towel at the door, but if you do not see one, feel free to grab one and leave it at the classroom entrance.

Group Class Registration & Reminders
Group Exercise Classes require online registration. Members can sign up one day prior to the day of class and registration ends one hour prior. During our peak season (December - March), online registration will ensure your spot in class. Many classes are already reaching max capacity. Don't forget to sign in at the front desk prior to entering class. If you have registered for a group class and cannot attend, please cancel your registration. Classes are full throughout the winter and other members will appreciate you allowing them to register if you cannot make it to class. A friendly reminder that only water bottles with a lid can be brought into group classrooms. We love protein shakes, coffee and Gatorade too, but our flooring and Spin® bikes do not.

Membership Key Card (digital card available in the City Gym app)
All members are required to check in with their membership key card each time they visit. There are many reasons for this, but the most important of them all is safety. We also use traffic patterns to staff our facility at peak times. When members tell the front desk their names vs. bringing their key cards, our staff have to leave our automatic check-in program (prohibiting anyone else from checking in) to enter a member's name. This causes even more congestion at the front desk. We know that the front desk can become hectic at "rush hour," but please be patient as you check in and remember that if you have your key card, everything will run much more smoothly. Lost your key card? No problem! You can grab another one at the front desk - the first replacement is free, after that they are $5. Did you know that you can check in with the barcode in your City Gym app? Download the app today and you won't even need your key card!

Did you know we have an entire page on our website dedicated to gym hacks and tips? Click here to check those out!

Lockers (please, please lock your locker)
We have a limited number of lockers, so please remember to remove your things after your workout. Items left overnight will be removed and placed in lost and found. We keep items in lost and found for 30 days. We also strongly suggest you lock your lockers, as we are not responsible for lost or stolen items. Unfortunately, things do happen, and we don't want it to happen to your stuff!  We remind you that extra lockers are located on the north side, these are rarely used.  

Parking Lot
Don't forget to lock your vehicles and place all valuable items out of site. Even an empty box in your backseat may lead a thief to think there is something of value in your car. Always be aware of your surroundings when going out to your car. We're all guilty of leaving the gym with our headphones blaring, carrying a gym bag in one hand and a water bottle in the other. We encourage you to take off your headphones, have both hands free and your keys out prior to leaving the gym.

Membership Cancellation Policy
Friendly reminder that should you need to cancel or remove someone from your membership, we require a 30-day notice from your auto-renew date. You must complete our Cancellation or Change form at the front desk. If you are unsure about your auto-renew date, speak to a Membership Representative. There are no exceptions to this policy, as it allows City Gym to continue offering a "No Contracts" experience. All membership cancellations and changes can only be processed by City Gym management, front desk staff do not have the administrative rights in our system to carry out these requests. Memberships can only be canceled or changed by the primary account holder.

Please be aware that all new members and members who have previously canceled and wish to rejoin are responsible for the enrollment fee. No exceptions. 

Gym Courtesy
Be courteous and patient - we all know the gym can be chaotic after the new year, but give it time -- it will slow down. Below are a few tips that will make everyone's experience far more enjoyable: 

  • Please wipe down equipment after each use, there is nothing worse than sitting down on a seat that is wet with someone else's sweat.
  • Netflix can make a cardio workout breeze by, but during peak season at the gym, the cardio equipment isn't the place to catch the latest blockbuster. We don't have time limits for our cardio equipment - but you get the gist :) 
  • Allow other members to work in with you on strength equipment and machines
  • Place equipment back where you found it (dumbbells, kettlebells, sleds, medicine balls, plyo boxes etc.) Our Membership Reps work hard to keep the gym tidy, but many of them cannot lift the heavier equipment.