Love Fest 2020

February 9th 2020 - February 15th 2020
City Gym KC

Join us as we celebrate our sixth-annual Love Fest, February 9th - 15th! You know the motto - City Gym is more than a place to workout, it is a place to BELONG. We take that seriously and that is why we take one week during the "month of love" to celebrate our community. You won't want to miss our Love Fest Challenge, themed group schedule and XOXO Boot Camp!

Love Fest Challenge
We had such a positive response to our Fall Class Challenge that we're doing it again! From February 9-15th, members will have the opportunity to complete classes and tasks in order to earn a Love Fest Challenge t-shirt (and bragging rights)! On February 6th, members can begin signing up for the Love Fest Challenge at the front desk. How do members earn a shirt? Easy - receive 9/12 stamps on the Love Fest Challenge card! Details and rules available at sign up!

XOXO Boot Camp
On February 15th, Owner, Hailee Bland-Walsh, will make you fall in love with fitness when you attend her XOXO Boot Camp! After class, attendees will enjoy chilled sparkling wine and cupcakes from Cupcake A La Mode. Registration will open on February 9th and 60 spots are available. 

Themed Group Schedule
Each year our creative group fitness instructors offer a love-themed class schedule. Past classes have included: Love Bites!, Cycle of Love, Partner Yoga, I Love the 90s, Exercises That Love One Another and many, many more! Themed classes will be indicated in Mindbody and we recommend registering as soon as the class opens up because these do fill! Themed class schedule below:

Sunday, Feb 9th 

9am - LOVE FEST Yoga Flow - Partner Yoga (Taylor)

10:15am - LOVE FEST Zumba - Zumba Amor (Chet)

Monday, Feb 10th

5am - LOVE FEST City Grind - HIIT for your Heart (Cheryl)

8:30am - LOVE FEST City Strength - Love Bites (Amber)

12pm - LOVE FEST City Lift & Row Express - I love Rock (Jenny)

4:30pm - LOVE FEST TRX Circuit - Exercises that Love Each Other (Jenny)

6pm - LOVE FEST Spin Power - I love the 80's (Hailee)

6:30pm - LOVE FEST City Lift & Row Express - Fiesta De Amor (Elisha)

7:30pm - LOVE FEST Yoga Power  -Twist of Love (Cindy)

Tuesday, Feb 11th

5am - LOVE FEST City Circuit Express - Songs you love to workout to (Cheryl)

5:30am - LOVE FEST City Fit - Break-up anthems

8:30am - LOVE FEST City Video Cycle - I LOVE 90's Country  (Cheryl)

12pm- LOVE FEST Yoga Flow - Twist of Love (Cindy)

6:30pm - LOVE FEST Gentle Yoga - Open your Heart yoga (Cathy)

Wednesday, Feb 12th

5:30am - LOVE FEST City Video Cycle - I Heart Me More (Casey)

8:30am - LOVE FEST City Circuit - Exercises that love each other (Jenny)

5:30pm - LOVE FEST City Lift & Row Express - Hair Bands (Shannon)

6pm - LOVE FEST City Video Cycle - Cycle of Love (Sara)

6:30pm- LOVE FEST City Circuit -  I love Squats (Shannon)


Thursday, Feb 13th

5am - LOVE FEST City Circuit Express - Flip a Coin Workout (Cheryl)

8:30am - LOVE FEST Yoga Lift - Love Yourself (Cindy)

8:30am - LOVE FEST City Video Cycle - Spinning in and out of Love (Kelsey)

5:30pm - LOVE FEST TRX Strength - Love on the Rocks (Krista)

6:30pm - LOVE FEST City Circuit - Tainted Love (Gerald)

7:30pm - LOVE FEST Restorative Yoga - Partner Yoga (Jesse)

Friday, Feb 14th

10am - LOVE FEST City Lift & Row Express - Love and Hip Hop (Amber)

Saturday, Feb 15th

9am - LOVE FEST Bootcamp (Hailee)

9am - LOVE FEST City Video Cycle - If you had my love, a J.Lo Ride (Chase)