Belonging is our most important value, and we strive to cultivate a community where everyone feels welcome. We also like to have a good time and we are always looking for ways to give back to our community. Throughout the year we offer social, community service and philanthropic opportunities to both members and non-members. Check our events calendar for what we have coming up next!

Our New (and amazing) Mind/Body Offerings

May 15th 2016 - August 14th 2016
City Gym

Monday 8:30A - TGIM: Thank Goodness It's Monday!  Kick off your week with the same excitement as Friday. This workout features a mix of cardio and strength, ending with deep stretching and the mindfulness of yoga. 

Tuesday 5:00A - Strength Express: Rise and shine(and sweat).  A high intensity pace drives this class which uses a variety of tools to build strength, help improve athletic capacity and increase fat burning. 

Tuesday 12:00P - Vinyasa Yoga: The vinyasa practice uses the flowing vinyasa movement of ashtanga yoga, but uses variety of postures instead of a set series of postures like Ashtanga yoga to cultivate balance, flexibility, strength and endurance.

Wednesday 5:30A - Yoga X: Starting with a grounding and powerful yoga flow sequence, you will transition into simple yet powerful cardio movements.  This workout offers a challenging mind and body workout. Class ends with a core focus, deep stretch and savasana. 

Wednesday 6:30P - Power Vinyasa: Your center is cultivated in this hour long power yoga class. Be prepared to sweat! 

Thursday 5:00A - Strength Express: See above description. 

Thursday 8:30A - Yoga X: See above description. 

Thursday 12:00P - Vinyasa Yoga: See above description.

Friday - 12:00P - City Barre: Try our unique barre class that may or may not use a barre!  Our instructors will change it up and keep you guessing.  You will learn the fundamentals of balance, alignment and biomechanics in order to engage your muscles improving balance, strength and proprioception. The instructors will alter the format for YOU to make the experience individual and engaging. City Barre is exclusive to City Gym.

Sunday - 4:00P - City Power Yoga: A 60 minutes vinyasa flow class with an athletic intensity.  This class will have you engaging every muscle as you explore more challenging postures, arm balances and inversions.  Power, alignment and fearlessness will empower you to reach outside your comfort zone and become yoga strong.