Group Fitness

Our group fitness classes are designed to be effective, safe, motivating and fun. We have two classrooms and offer 50 free classes every week. We have Spin®. We have Yoga. We have Zumba®. We have everything from TRX® Circuit to Strength 360. We even have free running groups! Did we mention we have an adult jungle gym? We have all these choices because we know that fitness is not one-size-fits-all. 


Our Spinning® program boasts the most cutting edge instructors, bikes, software  and music in the city. Our number one goal in every class is to make sure we accommodate each rider’s experience and fitness level. Whether you are looking to improve your cycling performance on the road, interested in diversifying your workout or simply looking for sweaty fun -- our Spinning® classes are for you.

Our SPINPower® periodized class schedule focuses efforts around three formats; intervals, endurance and strength. Train hard. Train smart. Visit our online MindBody schedule to determine format type for each class.

City Video Cycle marries traditional Spin® class with the latest music and inspirational videos. If you are looking for a dose of workout motivation with a side of distraction -- this class is for you!


Program & Studio Highlights

Our highly experienced and certified instructors lead safe, progressive, and effective classes designed to inspire and motivate your best effort, each and every ride.Our Blade Ion™ Spinner® bikes allow riders to train with instant feedback on their performance. The strain gauge provides the most accurate power measurement available in the indoor cycling world. Bikes are SPD compatible.
Performance IQ leaderboard software allows the rider to monitor performance data including calories, power, and RPM in real time.Our studio offers 36 Blade Ion™ Spinner® bikes, an instructor’s stage, ambient lighting, and superior audio/visual equipment.


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