Our Lifestyle Design programs provide customized support to individuals who wish to become the best version of themselves through fitness. Some of these programs are carried out in a group format, while others focus on individual needs. Our Lifestyle Design programs have been powerful agents of change in many members and non-members lives. We feel incredibly honored to be part of so many transformational journeys.

City Gym Momentum

In partnership with The Union, a Midwest TransGuy Coaterie, we offer the Momentum program. Momentum is a health and fitness group that specifically caters to the unique needs of the female­ to male sector of the transgender community. The program provides a safe and welcoming environment that allows members to focus on getting in tune with the changes their body is naturally making during their transition, while also providing an education necessary to build the body they have always desired. 

Momentum sessions last 90 days and are held at the beginning of every year and once again in the summer. For more information regarding the program and how you can get involved, contact Drew, the Union Founder.

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The Story of Jacob and City Gym

The Story of Jacob & City Gym