Our Lifestyle Design programs provide customized support to individuals who wish to become the best version of themselves through fitness. Some of these programs are carried out in a group format, while others focus on individual needs. Our Lifestyle Design programs have been powerful agents of change in many members and non-members lives. We feel incredibly honored to be part of so many transformational journeys.

Nutrition Counseling

My name is Jessica Sol Ismert, call me Jess. My heart swells when I realize my job is helping people feel better through the food they eat. 

For a little back story...I am proud to be a Saint Louis University Billikin, where I graduated with a cute husband from Kansas City, along with a degree in Nutrition and Dietetics. I completed my dietetic internship in 2014 at Massachusetts General Hospital, a Harvard affiliated medical center in Boston. Through a rigorous program, I learned from the smartest dietitians, which has founded a sound base to my practice and philosophy. I have been in KC since 2015 and specialize in personalized nutrition counseling, lifestyle change, weight loss, pre-diabetes, and pre/post-natal women. Currently, I am a full-time new mom, part-time dietitian / a savvy yet scrappy cook / City Gym spin bike rider / and lover of all exercise, especially running. Oh, and I love my second home at City Gym. 

I have a deep interest in finding what drives you to improve your health. I like to think of it as a soul + food searching experience. I focus on developing actual behaviors and steps to reach your end goal, alongside providing nutrition science to help you understand the question of WHY.  In my initial one-hour consultation, we will dig into all of this and set you up with a game plan to run with and change forever. 

In today's world of the always changing diet-trend, it is my job to stay up to date with the latest research and science to provide you with the best guidance possible. I am always open to finding unique ways to help you, whether it is coming into your home and seeing how/what you cook for dinner OR holding your hand through the grocery store. I have even texted with clients about what to order from a menu when on the road traveling. Whatever the need is, I am here to help you find that sweet spot to a healthy and happy way of eating.