Our Lifestyle Design programs provide customized support to individuals who wish to become the best version of themselves through fitness. Some of these programs are carried out in a group format, while others focus on individual needs. Our Lifestyle Design programs have been powerful agents of change in many members and non-members lives. We feel incredibly honored to be part of so many transformational journeys.

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Mike & Dionna knew they needed to make a lifestyle change, but didn't know where to begin. After years of feeling overwhelmed and intimidated by the gym environment, Mike inadvertently happened upon City Gym's REAL 45 program online. After discussing the program with Dionna, they drummed up the courage to join REAL 45. 

Now that they each are down more than 70 pounds, watch to find out how this program has not only reshaped their bodies, but their minds and lives.

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Mike & Dionna's REAL 45 Story

Mike & Dionna's REAL 45 Story


I signed up for the REAL program because I needed some extra encouragement to kick start a healthy lifestyle plan. I was also curious about joining the gym but wasn't sure if I was ready for the commitment. I thought the Real Program would be able to kick my nutrition and exercise into gear while simultaneously allowing me a glimpse of life at City Gym. During the program I realized I could change my habits easier than I expected. I also realized how much processed crap I was eating and how it made me feel bloated and lethargic.

- Shawn K.


I decided to try the REAL program because It was really good timing for me. I have been having severe hip and back problems for the last year and had stopped all exercise and was not feeling too good about myself. I finally found a Doctor that was starting to make my chronic pain lessen, and I was finally ready to get back with it. I was surprised how easy it was to learn the proper way to eat. At the end of the program I had better skin, my clothes fit better, I had obvious muscle development and I lost four pounds of fat.

- Sue B.


My husband and I had been wanting to try a new eating and fitness program to get in shape and lose weight. I was concerned about beginning REAL because I fractured my humerus in June and was concerned with having the workouts modified within my restrictions.The trainers were able to modify my workouts and they actually helped with the strengthening portion of my rehab. I lost 8 pounds, I feel stronger and better overall.

- Kari A.


I joined the REAL program because I had been needing a kick in the pants to get into a fitness routine. I had been traveling a lot over the past couple of years, and I was having a hard time sticking to a fitness goal. I also put on several pounds and was feeling sluggish. I was hoping that this program would jump start my interest in setting some good goals, and that it would help me feel more comfortable in the gym. After completing the program, eating habits are always on my mind. I no longer just randomly eat anything and everything when I have an urge. I have also learned that while you are exercising put your 100% in and it does not take that much time! Short spurts of HARD work and bang your done!

- Dionna O.


We found this program to be a HUGE lifestyle change for us. We used to spend time together eating out at various restaurants, having ice cream every night, and our breakfast and lunches usually came from a drive-thru. We found that when we cooked at home, the food was healthier, but it wasn't until this program that we were able to master the grocery store and truly make healthy food choices. Our biggest challenge was making a habit of cooking and plan in advance for meals. This is something we are looking forward to doing in the future.

- Greg H.


City Gym's motto is that a gym should be more than a place to workout, it should be a place to belong. Nowhere is this motto more evident than in this program. When I started this program, I had been a member for about a year and a half, and was already impressed with the level of personal commitment that the owner and staff provide to the members. However, the level of dedication put into this program took the experience to a new level. The entire CGKC staff went above and beyond what any other gym in the city would do. During the program I shed 6.5% of my body fat and lost 18 pounds in 30 days.

- Mike J.