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Tiffany Walsh, Marketing Manager & Lindsay C., Member

Every month we highlight one of our partners, staff or members. Since many people are "in the zone" while working out, we realize members don't  always have time for small talk. Our monthly spotlight is just one way we try to connect our members and fulfill our commitment to community.


Hailee Bland-Walsh, Owner, Founder - City Gym

As the Holidays approach, I wanted to pen you a light and happy letter about this being the season to be hopeful, to give generously, love openly, and all kinds of sweet nothings. But, the truth is, I'm having a hard time being light and happy. I am nothing if not authentic, so rather than fake my way through a sugar-coated note, I'm gonna just speak from my heart. 

In light of recent events; Standing Rock, Aleppo, an uptick in hate based crimes, something in me died. My flame burns a little less bright. I don't say that dramatically, but it is a matter of fact.

Chet M. (Instructor) & Tiffany Walsh (Marketing)

If you happen to be working out on a Sunday morning between 10:15 and 11:15, you may encounter loud music emanating from the group fitness room…and if you peek in, you may see a passionate, old Asian guy whooping it up in the Sunday morning Zumba class. That “old guy” is Chet Mayekawa and he has just completed his first year as a regular instructor at City Gym.

Song selection is extremely important to Chet. “Just because a song is Latin-based, it doesn’t mean it’s the right song for Zumba.

Jessica Ismert, RD, LDN

My name is Jessica Sol Ismert, call me Jess. My heart swells when I realize my job is helping people feel better through the food they eat. For a little back story...I am proud to be a Saint Louis University Billikin, where I graduated with a cute husband from Kansas City, along with a degree in Nutrition and Dietetics. 

providing nutrition science to help you understand the question of WHY.  In my initial one-hour consultation, we will dig into all of this and set you up with a game plan to run with and change forever.

Thomas L. Teter Jr., DC

In our previous installments of this series, we discussed the different reasons why people stretch, the most common methods of stretching, and the mechanisms that may be at play when people do stretch.

Positional muscular contractions are another fantastic method used to improve range of motion. In order to do this properly, one must take his/her joint to its end range of motion, and then gently isometrically contract into the range of motion that you are trying to improve.

Tiffany Walsh, Marketing Manager

When Kristin came to us at City Gym we knew we had a wonderful employee -- within months she was promoted to Lead Staff person. In her short time with us she has already helped us improve our processes and customer service at the membership desk.

What do you enjoy most about the City Gym community?