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Personal Trainer

Katie has a Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education and Psychology and was a teacher before becoming an Instructor and Personal Trainer. She is a fitness professional with a passion for helping clients overcome medical, psychological and physical challenges to live healthier, happier lives.  Each client presents a fitness and health profile as individual as his/her fingerprint.  We will reach for your goals through a program that offers individualized progression of a safe and appropriate fitness program.  


Thomas L Teter Jr, DC

So far in our conversation, we have discussed the main reasons why people stretch, and the different forms of stretching that are common in fitness. To move the dialogue forward, we must discover what what if anything stretching may or may not be good for.

In my mind, the main benefits one receives from yoga, and the associated increases in range of motion, are due through sustained isometric muscle contractions around end range joint positions.

Dionna O., Member, REAL 45 Alumni

I was overweight, tired all the time, and just generally unhealthy. I had been battling my weight since my late 20’s and had tried Weight Watchers in the past. I did have success on WW plus working out at home, but it was too time consuming after a while to count all those points.



Dionna before and approx. 6 months after

Mike O. | Member, REAL 45 Alumni

Having turned 50, and not being in a gym in over 30 years, apparently I was saved from the disappointment of other gyms. What I HAD done was live a life that let me become 100lbs overweight, with high blood pressure.

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Hailee Bland-Walsh, Owner

Anniversaries make me feel reflective and this one is no different. In exactly eleven days, City Gym turns five years old. About this time five years ago, I was having a nervous breakdown. Like an actual, good old fashioned, lay-down-in-my-kitchen-floor-and cry, meltdown. 

Insert Katie Roder. I asked Katie if she had ever considered working for City Gym. She said she hadn't, but that she would mull it over.

Thomas L Teter Jr, DC

In part one of the series, we discussed the primary reasons why people suggest that they stretch. In part two, we will be discussing the different types of stretching that are most commonly performed as part of a fitness program. The most common types of stretching fitness enthusiasts use as part of their program include. . .

The next most common and the most effective form of stretching is active joint range of motion. This method should be utilized before any form of physical activity.