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Tiffany Walsh, Marketing & Membership Engagement Manager

Every month we highlight one of our partners, staff or members. Since many people are "in the zone" while working out, we realize members don't  always have time for small talk. Our monthly spotlight is just one way we try to connect our members and fulfill our commitment to community.

What is your training regimen / do you design it yourself:

Chris Davlantes, MD (A Second Opinion)

In this day and age, where so much information is disseminated via social media and the internet, I thought I’d take some time to dispel some of the medical myths which have been circulating for years and/or which were drilled into us by our grandmothers, without any scientific basis. Here are my

“You can contract communicable diseases from toilet seats”:  OK, I will admit that some lazy men who fail to raise the toilet seat also seem to have bad aim, and this can lead to some pretty gross toilet seats in public restrooms.  However, the myth that you can contract a seriou

Hailee Bland-Walsh, Owner

Believe it or not, I've been in the gym biz for 13 amazing years. And in that time, I have worked in all sorts of gym environments. I've been employed in the swanky, see-and-be-seen joints, the stereotypical meathead locations, the too-cool-for-school places and the local community centers. 

I still have those original notes on the yellow legal paper and sometimes for nostalgia sake, I pull them out. Sometimes I am stunned that this idea came from my head and heart and has now taken on a life of its own. An idea that people believed in and rallied around.

Thomas L. Teter Jr. DC

Recently there have been many gym members asking various questions about stretching, its use, and forms of application. Stretching is a topic that is often confusing, polarizing, or that offers an incomplete message.

Another popular idea about stretching is that it prevents deep muscle soreness following a hard workout. This soreness is referred to as delayed onset muscle soreness. Current studies strongly suggests that stretching is completely useless for preventing soreness.

Cristi St. Onge, Membership Representative

Growing up, I always struggled with my weight. I did the whole yo-yo thing quite a bit as a result. I was heavy through grade school, and at the beginning of high school, I was introduced to the all-too-familiar “low-carb diet” and, despite eating terribly (bacon and cheese), I had lost some weig

Just being a part of City Gym has pushed me to do things I never thought possible.

Chris Davlantes, MD (A Second Opinion)

We were all recently saddened by the news that Prince had died in his suburban Minneapolis home, and it sheds some light on the fact that we are in the midst of an epidemic much worse than the much-publicized Zika Virus you may have heard about recently:  Prescription opioid overdose.   Prince’s

Alternative therapies should be considered and discussed with your doctor for certain chronic conditions, including: