Personal Training

Fitness is a personal journey. If you want to be your best, you have to train with the best. That doesn’t simply mean hiring a certified Personal Trainer; it also means finding someone who understands your personality and fitness goals. Inspired by this belief, we only hire experienced trainers with diverse backgrounds who are committed to our core values ­­ inspiration, community, and exceptional service. We have assembled an elite group of fitness professionals who will inspire, support and educate you to greatness.

Katie Chaney


Fitness Philosophy

Fitness is a state of mind, a commitment to move and be active. It is a lifestyle, not a workout. It is how you move and why, not how many reps or how much weight. To be fit is to be strong, feel confident and always ready for the next goal. My commitment is to your success. Your success lies in the details, how you move, how you feel, what you believe.

About Katie

Katie has a Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education and Psychology and was a teacher before becoming an Instructor and Personal Trainer. She is a fitness professional with a passion for helping clients overcome medical, psychological and physical challenges to live healthier, happier lives.  Each client presents a fitness and health profile as individual as his/her fingerprint.  She will help you reach for your goals through a program that offers individualized progression of a safe and appropriate fitness program.  

While some clients seek general weight loss and strength training, others are working to overcome injury or manage special medical conditions including diabetes, cardiovascular, bio-mechanic (injury, joint replacement, etc) scoliosis, balance and stability, as well as a variety of other conditions. Years of experience, education and client success allow me to be an effective guide, consistent trainer and compassionate support.  Through appropriate challenge you will achieve lasting change!  

Phone: 816.304.3125 

What Clients are saying: 

“Kate is the constant voice in my head! After training with her for almost two years, I have changed my outlook on food and working out - and will never look back. She has educated me. Kate pushes me and believes in me, and is intuitive about my abilities on any given day. The best thing about Kate is her thorough knowledge of the body and ability to instantly craft exercises customized to meet my goals. I look forward to our workouts and will partner with Kate FOREVER.”

“Kate has literally changed my life!  She also got me through double knee replacement surgery in great shape.  She’s very conscientious - takes great care of all of us.” 

“I have been training with Katie for about 5 years. I started with her because I wasn’t making much progress on my own. She is nothing short of amazing. She listens carefully to me about my personal goals and then sets about working toward them with me. Katie excels in teaching the proper technique for each exercise. I’m probably one of Katie’s older clients and she has transformed me with regard to my core strength, balance and stability. In addition, she taught me the proper techniques for spinning, which I now use exclusively for cardio training. I’m in better shape and have more strength than I’ve had in years.”

“I can not imagine a better, more supportive trainer than Kate. I got a trainer to help push me out of my comfort zone while making sure I didn't overexert myself and compromise my chronic health issues. She challenges me while teaching me how to build strength and tone my body in a safe way that doesn't expend all my daily energy. Kate is also a wonderful nutrition mentor. With her help, I have learned how to eat in a healthy way that fuels my body for my workout and the rest of my busy day. Kate is a great asset to the Kansas City fitness community.” 


ACE Advanced Health and Fitness SpecialistACE Medical Exercise Specialist  Spinning Instructor RTS Student